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Accident and Emergency

Time Spent in NHS Wales Accident and Emergency Departments: Monthly Management Information
Summary management information on the percentage of patients spending less than 4, 8 and 12 hours in all NHS Wales hospital emergency care facilities (major A&E departments and other A&E/Minor Injury Units) from arrival until admission, transfer or discharge. These figures are derived from the monthly Emergency Department Dataset (EDDS) submitted to NHS Wales Informatics Service by Local Health Boards (LHBs). 
This information is classified as management information as it has not gone through the additional statistical validation or interrogation that is normally the case for the official statistics outputs.
The Emergency Department Dataset
The EDDS was implemented from April 2009 to capture attendances at major A&E departments. Attendances at other A&E/Minor Injury Units were captured in Situation Reporting Services (SITREPS) prior to April 2012, however, from April 2012 LHBs have been required to submit EDDS for patients attending all hospital emergency care facilities.
In May 2013, the Welsh Government introduced the NHS Wales Delivery Framework for 2013-14.
The targets relating to time spent in all hospital emergency care facilities are:
  • 95 per cent of patients should spend less than 4 hours in all emergency care facilities from arrival until admission, transfer or discharge; and
  • Eradication of 12 hour or more waits within all hospital emergency care facilities
To view the monthly management information reports please follow the links supplied.   

Last updated: 14/04/2014